Care Camps

Gifts that last a lifetime- Friendship, Adventure, HOPE

Friendship and Acceptance

Adventure in Nature

Lifetime of Memories



These are just some of the gifts campers and their families have shared that they have received as a result of an experience at a Care Camp. When you give a gift to Care Camps, your support provides so much hope. Hope is more than just a feeling; research suggests hope can boost immune function and decrease pain. Hope is also linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Hope matters and you can help provide it! Camp eventually ends for the season and the experience gradually fades into special memories, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

When YOU help make HOPE happen, you are providing a child and their family the chance to get away and experience the happiness and healing power of the outdoors at a Care Camp. And this is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Give the Gift Of Hope