Care Camps

Bubba and Kristi Alleman Donate

The KOA conference is only days away One of the big highlight of the conference will be recognizing KOA Campground Legends Bubba and Kristi Alleman. 

These 4th generation campground owners spread not only #yellowpride (KOA pride? not sure of the word choice) but also help Care Camps whenever possible. Because of their natural ability to make every camper feel like family down in Cajun country they’ve build many meaningful relationships over the 50 years their family has owned the campground. 

One of these relationships recently resulted in a $21,000 auto donation! The Allemans have always carried a torch for Care Camps and like to talk about it with their campers. It was during one of these conversation that the Allemans told the Schraders about the KOA auto donation program. 

Potential donors can learn more about the donation program at  or at 1-888-320-1414. You will be asked to fill out a donation form. Then a donation coordinator will contact you. Most running cars, trucks, boats, RVs and aircraft are accepted, along with other equipment and real estate.

The power of a relationship is unlimited and the more we get the word out about  our amazing cause the more kids we will be able to get to camps next summer. So if you ever in doubt of the impact you can make please remember the Allemans and Schraders. We appreciate everything everyone has done over the last year from the huge BIG WEEKEND participation to the ice cream socials, raffles, and yard sales you all put together to raise money for Care Camps. Every donation makes a difference. You make the difference.