Care Camps

Nov 2018 – We Care Award

Each year the We Care Award is presented to a person or company that has gone above and beyond for the cause. 

The Award is based on:

 -their level of contribution generated by directly or by their direct actions.

 -their long term and consistent involvement in fund-raising activities

-their help in promoting Care Camps either long term or in some very dramatic fashion.

-their above and beyond aid to advance our mission.

Independence Bank, this year’s We Care Award winner, is dear to everyone in the KOA system’s heart.  Their welcoming smiles and friendly handshakes always put their clients at ease.

IBs current portfolio is nearing $130 Million of financing to more than 165 franchisees in 41 different states and one Canadian province. Areas of support include campground purchases, refinances, improvements, deluxe cabins and operating needs. In addition to this outstanding financial commitment, Chuck and his team participate regularly in the KOA system through KOA University sessions, New Buyers Workshops and 20-Group meetings.

The IB team are always the first to step up and support any new project or program for Care Camps, including generously sponsoring our vehicle raffle every year. 

Their staff are always present in force at our Board meetings and have graciously allow one of their staff to donate his time and expertise to our Board of Directors.  They are also in the process of establishing a Care Camps debit and credit card program that will result in per use donations.

On behalf of the Board of KOA Care Camps we thank Chuck Celinas and his team at the Independence Bank for all they do to help us send more kids with cancer to camps.