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We invite you to make a difference in the life of a child with cancer.
Support KOA Care Camps today.

If you could make a difference in the life of a child with cancer, would you? Would you look for a way to bring them hope and help them heal? Would you find ways where they could feel “normal” again?

At KOA Care Camps, we say “Yes.” And more importantly, we do something about it.

Our mission is to allow these amazing children to enjoy the joy, healing and freedom that comes from attending specialized summer camps where they can just be themselves. Surrounded by other kids just like them, they swim, go on hikes, sing songs and create memories that help get them through the tough times. They heal physically and emotionally, and hope flourishes.

We invite you to make a difference in the lives of these children. Please donate to KOA Care Camps today.

If You Could Donate And Bring One More Smile, Wouldn’t That Be Worth It?

Donate to KOA Care Camps

Make a difference in the life of a child with cancer. Help us send them to specialized care camps where for one week, one moment, cancer does not exist. A time for happiness, hope and love.

Donate your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, Machinery or Equipment and help a child experience the healing nature of camping. We’ll pick it up anywhere in the USA or Canada for free.

Call us at (888) 320-1414 for more information.

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  • The kids and teens that come here don’t have to explain why they look different, or why they sound different. They don’t have to explain why they don’t have hair or an arm. They can come here and be themselves.
  • Camp helps kids get away from their life of medical treatment and pain
  • It’s a lot of fun once you get here, and you feel like you’ve never had cancer.
  • You can absolutely make a difference in someone’s life by donating to care camps.
  • Camp is very much a pert of healing process.
  • I just love being around kids that have gone through what I have — it’s just a great experience.
  • Today, as in 1979, Camp Good Days is been provided free of charge to all its participants. We could not continue to do this without the support of many individuals, corporations, and fundraisers. KOA is at the top of the list in commitment to help raise those funds and provide the opportunity for children with cancer to experience a summer camping program with the only people who understand what they are going through – and that is other children with cancer. Since 1979, Camp Good Days has served over 46,000 campers from 22 states, and 32 countries. Since 1986, KOA has gone above and beyond in assuring our mission by raising the funds to continue our programs free of charge. THANK YOU KOA FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kids Cancer Alliance is honored to have KOA Care Camps’ continued support over the years for our Indian Summer Camp program. KOA Care Camps’ funding has provided YEARS of much needed joy, friendships, and adventure to countless children with cancer here in Kentucky. We would not have been able to provide our camp to children with cancer free of charge if it were not for the support of KOA Care Camps. Your generosity has helped grow our camp from serving 30 children to over 115 each year. We cannot thank KOA Care camps enough for all you have done to provide once-in-lifetime camping experiences to children with cancer across the country.
  • The mission of Special Days Camps is to provide a medically supervised and memorable camping experience for children diagnosed with cancer, their siblings and their families. This year over 300 children will attend one of our sessions because of the generous donation by the KOA Cares program. While at camp, they will have the opportunity to develop not only lifelong friendships, but skills in many areas such as responsibility, respect, and leadership as well. More importantly, though, while at camp children will experience a respite from the imposed routines demanded by cancer and cancer treatments. Special Days Camps provides a place where kids can just be kids: a place where they can remember what it’s like to have fun.This year Special Days Camps will reach an extraordinary milestone – the celebration of our 38th Anniversary! We are currently the second longest on-going children’s oncology camp program in the world and we’re very proud that our partnership with KOA Cares has allowed us to continue to serve families year after year . Please know that our ability to provide our camp sessions would not be possible without the support of generous organizations like yours. On behalf of our campers, their families and our volunteers we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your belief in the work that we do.