Care Camps

“Cancer should never interrupt Childhood”

Children simply want to be kids – to run and jump, swim and play games while enjoying nature. For children who have faced a serious illness like cancer, going to camp is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy childhood.

Camps have a special place that many call the Med Shed.  The Med Shed team handles everything from the scrapes and scratches that come with playing outside to the individualized, specialized care that many of the children need to truly experience camp. These passionate professionals are dedicated to ensuring the health and wellness of all the campers!

Camps could not provide the medically supervised experiences our campers and families need without a medical team of doctors and nurses, many of them volunteers.

“Cancer should never interrupt Childhood”

Please consider making an annual gift to Care Camps in recognition of the doctors and medical professionals who ensure kids with cancer get the care they need at the hospital AND at camp.

With your help, Care Camps will provide hope and healing to every child and family member affected by childhood cancer in the US and Canada.  We will do this by funding oncology camps and special programs designed to bring the healing power of the outdoors and shared experiences for these kids and their families.

Stock the Med Shed – Symbolic Gifts for Children with Cancer