Care Camps


Suzanne and Ty Giesemann first learned about Care Camps while camping at a KOA campground.

“My mother and sister both had cancer, and Suzanne’s work with Helping Parents Heal has brought her into contact with many parents who had children with cancer. From our time camping, we knew how much outdoor experiences can contribute to healing and living with health challenges,” explained Ty.

Care Camp’s mission values coupled with their personal experiences with cancer motivated them to put their special gifts into action to help send kids to Care Camps.

“That simple statement of Care Camps’ mission values struck a chord with us- Hope for a bright and healthy future for children with cancer. Hope that their families receive the support that they need during a difficult time of their lives. And the hope that comes from making connections with others that know your journey, and say to you, “We’re in this together”.  With this powerful message and Suzanne being known as a “Messenger of Hope”, we decide to sponsor an online fundraising event for Care Camps”, said Ty.

Using their unique platform, they brought together over 700 online attendees from around the world, which collectively raised more than $25,000.00 for Care Camps!

“We thank Suzanne and Ty from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to bring HOPE to kids facing cancer and for introducing so many people to our important cause,” said Karen McAndrew, Care Camps Executive Director. “Camp is a fun, meaningful opportunity to escape from everyday worries and create joy-filled memories with new friends.”

“It was an immensely gratifying experience. We hope that others will also find the time to conduct fundraisers for Care Camps. Large or small, every donation will help kids with cancer,” added Ty.