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Meet Brayden

Brayden K.

At age 11, Brayden was diagnosed with diffuse signet ring cell carcinoma gastric cancer. Treatment was difficult because of his rare form of cancer. This type of cancer is mainly in adults. He is the only child in our area being treated for gastric cancer. There are only two other children who have had this cancer in the world. He ended up having a total gastrectomy with a j-tube.

Brayden has since recovered from his treatment and surgeries. His mom found Camp Sunshine Dreams. At camp, Brayden can be himself. A normal 12 year old boy. He can run, play and swim with his friends here at camp. “Camp is the best place ever and I think everyone with cancer should experience it. It’s the best place because the doctors know what to do. We even have snack tables, with candy!”