This Is Who We Are

What do we stand for? Why do we exist?

To answer in one word – HOPE. Hope for a bright and healthy future for children with cancer. Hope that their families receive the support that they need during a difficult time of their lives. And the hope that comes from making connections with others that know your journey, and say to you, “We’re in this together”.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some look just like you and me.


To give joy, hope, and healing power of the outdoors to children with cancer and their families at a specialized oncology camp.


With your help, Care Camps will provide hope and healing to every child and family member affected by childhood cancer in the US and Canada.  We will do this by funding oncology camps and special programs designed to bring the healing power of the outdoors and shared community to these kids and their families.

Our Values


We work hard each day so that every child and family affected by pediatric cancer gets the opportunity to experience the joy, hope, and healing of special oncology camps and programs.


We work together with our donors, camps, volunteers, and vendors to optimize our positive impact for children with cancer and their families.


We carefully steward donor funds and provide clear reporting to ensure every donation brings the maximal benefit to the children and families facing childhood cancer.


We understand and affirm the importance of fostering friendships, shared community and opportunities for children and families from every background.

Our Partners