This Is Who We Are

What do we stand for? Why do we exist?

To answer in one word – HOPE. Hope for a bright and healthy future for children with cancer. Hope that their families receive the support that they need during a difficult time of their lives. And the hope that comes from making connections with others that know your journey, and say to you, “We’re in this together”.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some look just like you and me.


Care Camps is a charity that helps kids with cancer find hope and healing in the great outdoors through special oncology camps. At camp, kids get all the medical care they need, along with specialized counseling, and they do it all surrounded by friends who know exactly what they are going through. At camp, kids can forget about the chemo, the radiation, and all the hard stuff that comes with cancer…and just be a kid again.


Through its charitable fundraising efforts, Care Camps will provide necessary support to send kids with cancer to medically supervised cancer camps where they can have fun, build awesome friendships, feel the joy that comes from camping and spending time in nature, make memories that will help them heal and ultimately return home feeling renewed and filled with hope.

Our Values

Ensuring Opportunity

Children with cancer face hardships few of us can even imagine. That’s why Care Camps is committed to giving every child who dreams of attending a medically supervised cancer camp the chance to do just that—free of charge.

Building Relationships

Care Camps is dedicated to building outstanding relationships with camps offering medically supervised camping experiences to kids with cancer, providing the funds and support these camps need to continue their efforts today and in the future.

Working Together

Working together for the cause, campground owners, the RV and outdoors industry, and countless individuals do fundraisers and make donations in support of these incredible medically supervised cancer camps. All that we do is focused on a single purpose: bringing hope, happiness, and the healing power of the outdoors for kids facing cancer.


The stewardship over the funds contributed to and raised by Care Camps is something we take very seriously. We operate in a fiscally conservative manner to ensure that the money entrusted to our care will have the greatest financial impact on the camps we support.

Our Partners