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Meet Ben

Ben was only three years old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. When one therapy didn’t work, there was another to try and along the … Read more


Meet Sara

Sara Ghaney is 16 years old and attends Grade 11. She has a love for and is active in the arts. She is in the … Read more

Lane Sims

Meet Lane

In the fall of 2020, Lane began his journey with Brain Cancer. After having numerous debilitating headaches, the family decided to see a specialist. The … Read more

Hesston at Camp

Meet Hesston

At the end of summer vacation in 2019, three-year old Hesston was admitted to the hospital for a seemingly innocent bowel obstruction. After a middle … Read more

Brayden K.

Meet Brayden

At age 11, Brayden was diagnosed with diffuse signet ring cell carcinoma gastric cancer. Treatment was difficult because of his rare form of cancer. This … Read more

Stephanie Green

Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, sister of a cancer survivor… When I was fifteen, I sat as my mom told me that my thirteen-year-old little sister, Jessica, had … Read more